Verdi's "Il Trovatore"

"Gonzaga was a virile Manrico, his stirring Di quella Pira ending with a hefty high C. He could be tender, too, as in the final scene, where Manrico lulls the distraught Azucena to sleep."

- Cincinnati Post -


"The role of Otello was sung by Filipino tenor Otoniel Gonzaga who displayed all necessary qualities to captivate Prag. Vocally he had absolutely no problem with this most feared of tenor roles."

- Svobodne Slovo - Prague, Czech Republic

"Lucia di Lammermoor"

"Gonzaga gave a persuasively overwhelming performance of youthful ardor. His tenor voice mellow, soft-edged timbre was reminiscent of Tauber, without going so far as to lose density, body and character."

- Opera Review - Cincinnati


"an Otello with dramatic vocal power blended with stamina as well as beautiful lyrical singing without any noticeable vocal fatigue throughout this murderous role belongs to the rarest breed of tenors. Otoniel Gonzaga has all of these qualities because he does not lack the power in the vengeance duet with Jago or the tenderness in the love duet with Desdemona or the pathos in the final monologue. He never pushed his voice rather created a sovereign and flexible display of the full spectrum of beautiful singing."

- Opera Welt - Aachen, Germany

"Un Ballo in Maschera"

"the tenor Gonzaga gave a young dramatic lover Riccardo the vocal intensity. Moving, subtle and full of passion without losing brilliance."

- Opera Review -Cincinnati

Donizetti's "La Favorita"

"the only praise was earned (and rightly so) by Otoniel Gonzaga. He was the only one who, despite of the stage direction, found the realization of his role, that of the unfortunate love-sick Fernando and gate it genuine feeling. Even in the extreme high vocal range, he displayed as a singer evenness throughout the registers, good taste, correct style and excellent German diction."

- Augsburger Allgemeine - Germany

"the high point of the performance was the excellent tenor Otoniel Gonzaga in the "Caruso" role of Fernando."

- Donau Kurier -

"Otoniel Gonzaga was a very pleaseant surprise. His bliiant tenor voice was very appealing and was effortless even in the astronomically high parts of the role. Relaxed in his phrasing with magnificent and glorious high tones and even in the extremely difficult passages (by placing his voice correctly) he showed excellent command of his vocal technic. A good sign that the Italian "Bel Canto" style has returned to Augsburg."

- Opern und Konzert - Munich

"I was extremely pleased with Otoniel Gonzaga (Fernando) who has surprisingly all the noble qualities of a tenor voice especially the brilliant high notes (high C's and C-sharps!!!) where he was able to show lyrical beauty and wonderful expression."

- Opern und Konzert - Munich

"only Otoniel Gonzaga (Fernando) displayed complete understanding and personal involvement in his role. Shading and coloring the expressions with a flexible, cultivated and well-placed tenor voice. He was the only one who measured up to the genuine Italian singing style."

- Neue Presse - Augsburg


"The voice is that of an incredible Verdi baritone ... He has all the top tenor notes, not the first æ or last æ of many 'baritonish tenors.' "

- Music News SFCV.Org -